About Us

The Company

Gillian Apter* founded The LinguaArts Company in 1997 to promote the integration of theatre as an educational and cultural tool for Spanish schools. Based in Madrid, we produce and promote four different theatrical shows each academic season which are either totally in English or with a small amount of Spanish to boost the understanding of our audiences: Spanish school students of all ages between the ages of three to eighteen.

With our productions, we aim to achieve several goals:

  • to increase interest in and knowledge about the theatre, thus forming future spectators;

  • to provide teachers with a fun, interactive and productive tool for their English classes;

  • to motivate students in their studies of English, the Arts and Culture. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our Philosophy.

The magic of theatre can transport children and young spectators to different worlds and cultures, stimulating their imaginations and boosting their powers of communication. As such, we take great care not only in the elaboration of our narrative and linguistic content, but also in the themes we include in each play. We strive to present theatrical plays that foment values we think are important in today’s society, creating stories and characters that directly involve young audiences, and with which our spectators can identify and empathise.

Bilingualism or 100% in English (for students aged between 3 and 9 years)

Although English is the main language of our plays, for the younger students, many teachers prefer the inclusion of a little Spanish in order to boost comprehension and enjoyment. This allows us to create more interesting and diverse stories for those students aged between 3 and 9 years, plus a bigger variety of characters, without leaving behind those children with a lower level. If we include some Spanish, it is always a natural and integral part of the storyline. Nonetheless, teachers can choose to see our plays totally in English if they feel their students have a good enough level. (Please NOTE that it is important to highlight that option when you make a booking.)

 For students aged over 10 years, the shows are 100% in English. 

Professionals of Theatre and Education

All our members have been trained in renowned Drama Arts Schools in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. We are professional actors, directors, musicians, and choreographers, and have worked in cinema, television and the theatre. We are either native English speakers or totally bilingual. In addition, we are experienced teachers having taught Drama, Dance and Music, as well as English, to students of all ages. As educators, we strive to produce worthwhile complementary classroom material so that students and teachers alike can take full advantage of our repertory of plays.

The Team

Riccardo Rigamonti

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 Riccardo is from Italy where he graduated in Literature, Film and Theatre Studies. He also studied physical theatre and singing with Domenico Castaldo, a student of Jerzy Grotowski.

In 2011 he settled in Madrid where he combined his theatre work with TV presenting.

”La Escuela de los Bufones”, “El Principito”, “California Suite” are just some of the theatre productions he has taken part in.

In 2016, he founded, the NadaDeLirios theatre company alongside Maria Gómez, producing and performing in the one man show, Kohlhaas” by M. Baliani y R. Rostagno. In doing so Riccardo achieved a first: that of staging for the very first time in Spain a major Italian narrative theatre piece.

Sara Martinez Alvarez

Sara  trained in Acting and Devising Theatre in ESAD Murcia and the renowned Rose Bruford College in London.   She has worked in theatre in both in Spain and the UK. In London she appeared in “Against Nothingness” and performed it in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014. In Spain, she starred in “Lo mismo más un día” by Imperdibles Teatro, winning 2nd prize in “Creamurcia 2015”, and other productions including Musical Theatre shows  for children, such as “Tarzan , The Ape man”, and “El Bosque mágico” directed by Jorge Ahijado. Sara has also worked in short films and  Web series. As a multidisciplinary actress, she continues her professional training in Acting for the Camera at the “Central de Cine”, as well as courses in Physical Theatre, Method Acting, Musical theatre,  Singing, Fencing, Dance Theatre, Latin dance and Horse riding.



Gillian Apter

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Gillian Apter is the founder and director of The LinguaArts Company. Apart from her professional experience as a playwright, actress, stage director and voice artist, Gillian is a qualified teacher and teacher-trainer. She graduated in the UK with a degree in Education and Languages and has trained teachers who work in the bilingual system at the official CRIF of the Comunidad de Madrid. She is the author and devisor of all the LinguaArts' plays and is also responsible for the classroom material. Her film work includes "Es Por Tu Bien" by Carlos Therón, and for TV she appeared  in "The Refugees" for laSexta and "Buscando El Norte" for Antena 3.