Ages: 6 to 9 years

100% in English

     When Jackie was a child, she lived with her Grandad who was very sick. They were poor and didn't have money to buy his medicine. This was why Jackie liked to escape in her head to a place where she was never hungry, where the sky was always blue and where Grandad was always well.  They lived near The Dream Factory. It looked like a normal factory but Grandad said it was a magical place where dreams were made for all the children in the world.  One day a competition, only for children, was announced on television. The prize was a visit to the Dream Factory and to win, you had to find a special number:  a green number 7. But but there were only three in the entire world.   First, two lucky children each found the special number and now there was only one left.  Could Jackie find the last one and visit the this magical place? Could her dream come true?

(Our  play for the 2021-22 school season  is designed for ONE actor. )


The boss of the Dream Factory, Jackie, tells us her marvellous story about how she came to be the director of this magical place and how it all began when she was a little girl...



Ages: 10 to 13 years

100% in English

​      Ángel is a sensitive and unusual kid for his age: he’s a vegetarian, doesn’t like football, doesn’t care about fashion and is concerned about world problems such as refugees and the environment.   His life changes abruptly when he finds himself in a different town, a different school and with no friends. Fortunately, Betty, the dinner lady, takes him under her wing, and he finds a friend in Betty’s daughter, Allie.   But then, Ángel becomes the latest victim of the school bully and he has to suffer threats and abuse every time he goes to school.   He feels lost and frightened and is afraid to talk to his mother about it.   Ángel just can’t see a way forward. But luckily, he is not alone…

Our play for the 2021-22 school season  is designed for ONE actor.




A one person version of “The Merchant of Venice”

by William Shakespeare

Ages: 14 years and above

100% in English

The Merchant of Venice is a late 16th-century play by William Shakespeare which examines mankind's humanity, or rather inhumanity through the themes of prejudice and intolerence; love and hate, mercy and justice... and revenge.   


    The story is told through the eyes of a secondary character named Leo, a servant of the nobleman, Bassanio. Through Leo, we learn that Bassanio plans to marry the rich Lady Portia.  To that end, he asks a good friend, the Christian merchant Antonio for money so he can impress Portia, but all of Antonio’s money is invested in his trading ships.

   To help Bassanio, the merchant borrows a large sum of money from the Jewish usurer, Shylock. But the Jew demands a condition: if Antonio cannot pay back the loan by a certain date, he will cut out a pound (kilo) of flesh from the merchant's body.  Antonio, surprisingly, accepts this deal.

   Unfortunately, Antonio loses all his ships in a storm. He is ruined financially and cannot pay Shylock back his money. The Jew seeks revenge.  He takes the merchant to court where he insists Antonio must fulfill their contract:  that is,  allow Shylock to cut out a pound of flesh from his body.


RACHEL and the


Ages: 3 to 6 years

     We accompany a little girl called Rachel  on a fantastic adventure inside a Rainbow where she discovers lots of colours.  

     Rachel wants to find her favourite colour - green - but she can only find a world of gray where a strange, sad, colourless  frog lives.  His name is Freddy and  the evil Mr. Gray has stolen his beautiful colour. 

      Rachel decides to take action. Along with Mr. Sun and Mr. Bucket, the children in the audience,  and a little magic, Rachel helps the frog find his natural colour again. Freddy is very happy, and so is Mr. Sun because the Rainbow is complete again.


100% in English