19/20 season of shows

Bridget's Plan -  6 to 9 years

Banality Show - 10 to 13 years


Midsummer Madness - 14 years and above


Fairy Tale Soup - 3 to 6 years

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Bridget’s Plan is a heart-warming and moving tale about  hope, courage, friendship and magic.  Its protagonist is a little girl called Bridget who has very special gifts. Unfortunately, her parents do not appreciate Bridget’s wonderful talents and their lack of interest in her special abilities make leaves Bridget feeling helpless and ignored. Luckily, Bridget finds a true friend who gives her the courage to show the world what she is really worth.


Bridget is very special. She learned to read when she was only three years old, and now at eight, she can speak several languages and is great at mathematics and philosophy. The problem is her parents never really cared about her education: her father is the town’s mayor and “doesn’t have time”, and her mother’s always too busy trying to stay “young and beautiful”. To make things worse, Bridget’s teacher is a despot who hates intelligent children. Alone and misunderstood, Bridget prefers to go unnoticed and hide her gifts. Luckily, she has a friend, the librarian, Mr. Kane, who always encourages her in her studies.

But one day the mayor announces that the library is to close. “Why do we need books when everybody has a television?” he asks. Bridget is angry and wants to save Mr. Kane’s job, so she decides to take action…

Duration: 60 minutes

85% or 100% in English

Ages: 6 to 9 years


Duration:  60 minutes

85% or 100% in English

Banality Show is a hilarious theatrical parody about a very popular type of television programme we often see today: reality shows.       The aim of LinguaArts is not only to amuse our young spectators with an enjoyable and fast-moving script; we also want them to reflect seriously on a certain type of “cheap and easy” TV entertainment aimed at the masses, and the superficial culture that produces it... And all this while they are learning English!



Four "reality show" contestants have to live together in an isolated house in an unknown location. They will each compete for a big money prize and aspire to become a famous celebrity overnight. The four "fame-seekers" will not be able to leave the house, nor escape the incessant gaze of the TV viewers, whilst at the same time being submitted to the constant surveillance of “The Voice”, the only person with whom they can speak.  What's more, the contestants will have to undergo a series of linguistic and physical trials on live TV,  in front of millions of spectators, which will leave them all looking ridiculous.

Ages: 10 to13 years




A free version of “A Midsummer Night's Dream” by W. Shakespeare

Duration:  60 minutes

100% in English

A mysterious wood inhabited by magical creatures serves as the backdrop for our version of William Shakespeare’s farcical comedy, "A Midsummer Night's Dream". LinguaArts pays tribute to this masterpiece in a dynamic, fast-moving and highly entertaining production.  Our main aim is to stay true to the original themes of magic, love, friendship, fantasy and farse whilst keeping in mind the needs of students of English.   

Ages: 14 years to 18 years



Our story revolves around four young Athenians, whose feelings of love for each other are not always reciprocated: Hermia loves Lysander, but her father insists she marries Demetrius, or else live the rest of her life in a convent. Hermia and her loved one rebel and run away together to a nearby enchanted wood.

  For her part, Helena (Hermia’s friend)  loves Demetrius, but he rejects her cruelly.  In spiteful revenge, Helena tells Demetrius where Hermia and Lysander are hiding so Demetrius sets off to recover his fiancée, while Helena pursues Demetrius. The four young lovers are now lost in the mysterious wood where they will be subjected to the magical whims of Oberon, the King of Fairies, and his faithful servant, Puck.


A wonderful tale with all our favourite fairy tale characters

Duration:  45 minutes

80% or 100% in English

    What happens when a little girl called Layla draws all over and cuts up a book of fairy tales, and then ends up falling into that very same book? ... a right mess, that’s what happens!

     Suddenly Layla finds herself in a fairytale world that has gone crazy,  where the stories are turned upside down, and the characters we know and love so well are extremely angry to find that they have been altered against their will.  Can Layla fix all this chaos and put things back to normal before she gets into more trouble? For her own good, we certainly hope she can!

   This very special fairy tale, which includes music, games and lots of participation, offers a marvellous opportunity for the 3 to 6 year olds to learn English in a fun and exciting way.


(Specially designed to be performed in the children’s school.)


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     A little girl called Layla is playing with her brother who is drawing.  Layla wants to draw too, so she takes a book of fairy tales and draws all over in the book and also cuts it up with scissors. Ben is angry with his sister and tells her to stop and to fix the book with an eraser. 

But then, as if by magic, Layla “falls” into the book!  When she is inside, she meets Puss-in-Boots, Prince Charming, the wicked Queen Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. But they are all very angry with Layla because she has changed them with her crayons and scissors.   

     Layla is sorry and wants to make things better, but now she is in danger because the Wolf wants to eat her!  Can she fix the mess she has made and escape from the book before the Wolf and the Wicked Queen catch her?